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 Please Read Before Posting :> Summon Dubs Rules

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Please Read Before Posting :> Summon Dubs Rules Empty
PostPlease Read Before Posting :> Summon Dubs Rules

Namaste Welcome To Summon Dubs Forum!

Please take a moment to read these guidelines

NSFW (not safe for work)
Threads containing full/partial nudity or legal adult material must be marked with the letters “NSFW” in the thread title. This will allow people under 18 and those who are using this site at work or in public places to choose whether to open it.

Posting the same thing over and over again or flooding the site with links is guaranteed to get you banned.

Extreme and offensive material
Material such as extreme pornography, child porn, shock images, dead bodies etc. will be deleted and may also get you banned. There are plenty of other sites on the net that cater to that market.

Deleting posts and comments
In order to keep this a safe place where people want to be it may be necessary for us to delete or edit posts, discussion threads or user comments. This isn’t something we want to do often but nevertheless we reserve the right to delete/edit posts without warning.

In order to use this service you represent and warrant that:
a) All the registration information you submit is accurate and truthful.
b) The accuracy of such information will be maintained by yourself.
c) You are exactly or over the age of 13 years.
d) Your use of this service does not violate any regulation or law in any territory within the world.
We may delete your profile and take steps to prevent you from using this service if we believe that:
a) You are under the age of 13.
b) You are over the age of 18 and represent yourself as being under the age of 18.
c) You are under the age of 18 but represent yourself as being over the age of 18.

Members are free to use our service for personal promotion purposes and moderate scene related promotion (i.e. new record label releases) but unauthorized commercial endeavors are prohibited. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to remove any commercial content or material.
Copyright laws and international treaties protect this site. This website, and everything it contains, including this agreement, with the exception of user content that is already copyrighted, is copyright to us and you may not copy, modify sell or otherwise exploit it in any way whatsoever.

You are not permitted to post, transmit, email, upload, embed or otherwise make available any material that infringes on the copyright, patent or trademark of any person or entity. We reserve the right to remove such material without warning, and without explanation and to terminate the membership of the offending party.

If you believe that material contained on this website is an infringement on your copyright, patent or trademark then please contact us using the “contact us” page and detail the infringement with all relevant links. We reserve the right not to take action where a) there is insufficient proof you are the legal copyright, patent or trademark holder or b) there is insufficient proof the material in question is an infringement of those copyrights, patents or trademarks and that no permission has been given or c) the information supplied to us is incomplete or insufficient for us act upon.

You agree that we may use your name, artist name, company/label/agency/organization/crew name and logo in presentations, marketing materials, customer/user lists, reports, web site listings of customers/users and in search engine results.

We will provide you with an account on this site providing that you acknowledge and warrant that you:

1. Are solely responsible for any and all use of your account.
2. Will not provide any false personal information.
3. Will keep your personal information accurate and up to date.
4. Will not create an account for anyone else but yourself.
5. Will not sell your account or transfer it to anyone else.
6. Are not a convicted sex offender in any part of the world under any legal system.
7. Will not allow a 3rd party access to your account in any way.
8. Will not share your password in any way.
9. Will change your password or inform us if you believe your password is known to others.

thank you
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Please Read Before Posting :> Summon Dubs Rules :: Comments

Re: Please Read Before Posting :> Summon Dubs Rules
Post Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:57 am by Graphikel
much better than jacobs rules Razz

Please Read Before Posting :> Summon Dubs Rules

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