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 Lost Season 6 Epilogue - New man in Charge

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PostSubject: Lost Season 6 Epilogue - New man in Charge   Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:05 am

The epilogue centers on Benjamin Linus running two errands for his new boss, Hurley. One of those errands involves shutting down a DHARMA station on Guam where mysterious food drops originate. Another involves visiting one special little boy (who is not so little these days) named Walt, who was so special he didn’t appear in the entire final season. Over the course of these two errands we learn the following:

• The aforementioned mysterious food drops on the island that everyone seems so interested in (which I’ll never understand why) actually originate from some sort of warehouse on Guam. Ben Linus, on orders from Hurley, explains to two employees at the warehouse that DHARMA hasn’t existed for quite some time and, in turn, he’s closing down the plant. As a reward, the two workers are given a fair compensation package.

• The two workers have been loading food drops for about twenty years.

• The transmissions that the workers receive on where to drop the food are automated and originate from a “lamppost station in L.A.”

• Hurley likes to be referred to as “The Man in Charge,” apparently.

• Ben Linus is environmentally conscious, asking the workers to make sure to turn off the lights before they leave.

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PostSubject: Re: Lost Season 6 Epilogue - New man in Charge   Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:12 am

was a good little clip of what the new leader would be like and as its hugo you know its all relaxed and fun.
found the drop of the food was a pointless part like any1 cares about that lol
like changed ben too
thanks for the link up
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Lost Season 6 Epilogue - New man in Charge
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