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 few photoshop tips crop/marquee

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PostSubject: few photoshop tips crop/marquee    Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:31 pm

Learn Adobe Photoshop Tools, Tricks, Tips and Techniques

How to Use the Photoshop Marquee Tool
The Photoshop marquee tool, a relatively simple feature, is essential for several tasks. At the most basic level, the tool is used to select areas of an image, which can then be copied, cut or cropped. There are four options within the tool to select different types of areas: rectangular, elliptical, a single row or a single column.
How to Use Photoshop Tool Presets
Creating tool presets in Photoshop is an excellent way to speed up your workflow and remember your favorite and most-used settings. A tool preset is a named, saved version of a tool and specific related settings such as width, opacity and brush size, all handled through the tool presets palette.
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How to Use the Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool
Learn to use the clone stamp tool in Photoshop to retouch photos by copying one area of an image onto another area.
How to Use the Photoshop Save for Web Tool
As a graphic designer, you may often be asked to deliver web-ready images, such as photos for a web site or banner ads. The Photoshop “Save for Web” tool is a simple and easy way to prepare your JPEG files for the web, helping with the trade-off between file size and image quality.
How to Use the Photoshop Crop Tool
The Photoshop crop tool serves two main purposes. The first is to crop, which means to cut out an area of an image by selecting the area that you wish to keep. It is also handy for quickly resizing images. These functions can also be used at the same time to crop and resize a photo (or any type of image) at once.

also make sure you check out photoshop tips on youtube we found a lot of help on there.
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few photoshop tips crop/marquee
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