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 Whats the hype with james blake ?

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PostSubject: Whats the hype with james blake ?    Tue Apr 05, 2011 6:03 pm

noticed recently that james blake been getting lots surrport and hats to the bloke ,,,
but personally i find it terrible to lisern too (apart from changes remix)
sounds like something my nan would of cleaned the house to .
just dont know how it classes as dubstep and the dubstep heads love his stuff like burial im not a fan of that stuff too ....
but im not a hater to that style before you start lol ... cause kode9 has sick beats with that kind of production 2steppy .
maybe there is a time n place for his stuff (does happen with some productions) just not found myself in that spot where i would go out my way to lisern to his beats .

what's your opinion?

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PostSubject: Re: Whats the hype with james blake ?    Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:43 am

Personally I feel that when music is put into categories/genre's they are given "Guidelines" not rules to make a track by.
Most Artists follow within the Guidelines but always end up making it their own/Different.
It's their own thoughts, emotions that are potrayed in their individual songs so classing it as this or that doesn't really accurrately describe what it is.

Problem lately is with all these new artists, they have to follow the "Guidelines" strictly and everything starts to sound the same, becoming very bland. They are not knowledgible enough to explore their music maker or just too afraid to go out there. ( Myself Included )
Already is rampant throughout Dubstep, but some bend the so to call "Rules/Guidelines" and make something unheard of.
The likes of Burial is a good example as is possibly Benga in a sense even though he's part of origins of the genre.

I've never heard of James Blake jocolor But I'd make the time to listen. flower

( Sorry for the rant )

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Whats the hype with james blake ?
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